Registration of Financial Institutions


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Nowadays all the non-bank institutions (except professional and competent members at the stock market) are carefully monitored by the State Commission on Regulation of Financial Services (Financial Services Commission).

This commission shall supervise and regulate the provision of financial services by non-bank financial institutions. The non-bank financial institutions include financial companies (e.g. leasing, factoring companies, etc.), credit institutions and credit unions, insurance companies, pawn shops, institutions of pension provision and other entities which provide only financial services.

Financial Services Commission is an authority in charge of the registration of financial institutions, making the entry into the register of financial institutions (the State Register of financial institutions) and the issuance of licenses and duplicate licenses for the provision of financial services by non-bank financial institutions.

The registration of financial institutions, carried out by specialists of COLARES Law Company includes the following institutions:

However, the process of creating a financial institution has not only to do with the state regulator of the financial market. In addition, an analysis of the provisions of the regulations and laws of Ukraine, regulating the activities of financial services, determine how to create institutions, obtain the status of a financial institution, as well as obtain a license to perform certain types of financial activities.

For example, financial companies may provide only the following financial services provided that it has the license:

The procedure for creating a financial institution includes the following steps:

  1. The state registration of a legal entity in the state registrar.
  2. Filing the information about the legal entity in the State Register of Financial Institutions (the Register) for obtaining the status of a financial institution / company.
  3. Obtaining a license to perform financial activities (if the law requires a license for certain activities).

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