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Obtaining permits.

Obtaining permits is necessary for the implementation of certain types of economic activity.

Permit system is a set of relationships that are regulated by the laws of Ukraine, arising between the competent authorities and services, government administrators and legal entities and individual entrepreneurs in connection with the issuance of permits, re-issuance of the required documents, the issuance of duplicate permits, resolutions, cancellation of permits (decision, resolution, conclusion, and agreement).

In the case of imperfect knowledge of the rules and laws of the current legislation of Ukraine, the procedure for obtaining the permit may be an obstacle to business development. After calling our experts, you can be sure to have expert advice and valuable assistance in the execution and obtaining permits.

COLARES provides the following services in obtaining permits (permits, opinions, approvals):

Also, our experts, if necessary, assist in the implementation of reissuance, issuance of duplicate and cancellation of permits.

Our law company also provides services for the appeal of decisions of permitting authorities to refuse to grant a permit, representation of clients in the competent state authorities and courts of all instances.

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