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Licensing in Ukraine. Legal services for registration and obtaining licenses in Kiev. How and where to get the license for all types of activities. Licensing of enterprises and business in Kiev. Licensed activities in Ukraine. Legal assistance in obtaining licenses for all kinds of activities.

Some economic activities not only require the state registration as a business entity, as well as a license to conduct the necessary activity. The license is a state-recognized document, confirming the right to a respective type of economic activity for the fixed period of time provided that one meets licensing requirements.

The current legislation of Ukraine provides for administrative and criminal liability for conducting business, which is subject to licensing, without a license or violating the licensing requirements.

The procedure for obtaining a license is governed by regulations of the current legislation of Ukraine, in addition to the execution and filing the necessary documents to obtain a license, there is a variety of specific requirements. As a result, when obtaining a license, many business entities have many questions regarding licensing procedures and relationships with government authorities, licensing fees for the issuance of licenses and compliance with license conditions, etc.

COLARES Law Company offers legal services of licensing of economic activities, including obtaining a license, renewal of licenses, revocation of licenses, obtaining a duplicate or a copy of the license, as well as appeal against decisions to refuse to grant licenses.

Providing services of licensing of economic activities is carried out by our company in all regions, including the following activities:

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