Family dispute


On this page you can acquaint yourself with such services as:

Marriage contract, divorce, dissolution of marriage, division of property, termination of parental rights, adoption of children, consultation on family law.

For all time of our practice COLARES Law Company has had a considerable experience in providing services in the field of family law.

Family disputes may arise in the event of dissolution of marriage. Disputes between spouses often require good resolutions, since the division of property of the spouses, the marriage contract (agreement), alimony and termination of parental rights require assistance from an experienced professional.

The company’s specialists have the excellent knowledge of rights and duties of the parties in family disputes, procedures and regulations in these areas of law; we can provide resolutions to different situations and settle conflicts between the parties.

We provide consultation on family law and legislation and assist you in solving family disputes.

The list of services includes:

  1. Representation of client’s interests in the cases on divorce;
  2. Termination of parental rights;
  3. Adoption of children;
  4. Division of marital property;
  5. Changes (increase / decrease) in the amount of alimony upon the court’s decision (including a settlement agreement);
  6. Determination of the place of residence of the child;
  7. Division of marital property acquired during the marriage by means of credit or loan funds;
  8. Removing barriers in communicating with children, grandchildren;
  9. Providing advice on the termination of rights to pay alimony;
  10. Division of property of the former spouses (a dispute between an ex-wife and the heirs of a decedent husband);
  11. Other categories of family disputes:
  • The resolution of contradictions, distribution of joint marital property through the preparation and signing of the marriage contract;
  • Restoration of parental rights;
  • Drafting of marriage contracts and other agreements;
  • Annulment of marriage;
  • Representing the interests of all family members in the guardianship and custodianship agencies.

Using only the individual approach to every client, our lawyers analyze each case and provide clear and professional advice on further client’s actions, taking into consideration the interests of the client in family issues.

Having contacted us, you can be sure that we will do our best to protect your rights and legal interests.

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