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Drafting of the claims, resolving economic disputes, dispute settlement, settlement of the economic disputes.

Drafting of the claims, resolving economic disputes, dispute settlement, settlement of the economic disputesPractice in the sphere of economic disputes provides protection of violated or disputed rights and legitimate interests of legal entities (companies, institutions, organizations) and citizens involved in entrepreneurial activities without forming a legal entity and acquiring the status of a business entity as established.

The existing legislation provides several ways to settle economic disputes – pre-trial settlement (by means of a claim), submission of the dispute to arbitration and appeal to the economic court.
The specialists of COLARES LAw Company are ready to provide you with professional legal assistance at the pre-trial stage of dispute settlement:

  • Drafting of the letters;
  • Drafting of the claims;
  • Drafting of responses to the claims.

However, the most common and effective method of resolving economic disputes is to appeal to the economic court.

Our company provides representation of business entities in commercial (economic) courts of first instance, but also in courts of appeal and cassation, upholding the interests of clients in the economic courts of Ukraine in the following categories of disputes:

  • Debt collection;
  • Compensation of losses and recovery of damages;
  • Compensation of moral harm;
  • Rescission of agreement;
  • Reclamation of property from unlawful possession;
  • Inducement to fulfill business obligations;
  • Termination of economic contracts;
  • Bankruptcy cases;
  • Other disputes within the jurisdiction of economic courts of Ukraine.

In our company’s judicial practice the important area in commercial law is to protect the interests of legal entities in disputes with utility and state companies (“Kievzelenstroy”, “Pleso”, “Kyivpastrans”, “Kievavtodor”, “Kievdorservis”, “Kievtransparkservis” “Zhitloinvestbud” – “UCB”, “Kievdorservis”, “Kyivmiskbud”, “Kievblagoustroystvo”, “Kievreklama”, “Kyivvodocanal”, “Kyivenergo”, “Kievgas”, “Ukravtodor” etc.).

A special type of economic disputes is a corporate dispute – a dispute between a business entity and its shareholders (founders), as well as disputes between the parties on the management issues and activities of a business entity.

Our experts have extensive experience in resolving corporate disputes and are ready to protect your interests in disputes on:

  • Invalidation of decisions of  company’s management;
  • Expulsion of a member from the company;
  • Payment of shares in the authorized capital;
  • Transfer of shares in the authorized capital;
  • Rescission of company’s agreements;
  • Changes to the register of shareholders;
  • Acquisition of outstanding shares by the joint-stock company;
  • Changes to constituent (incorporation) documents;
  • Protection of rights and interests of shareholders and members.

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