Customs dispute


On this page you can acquaint yourself with such services as:

Problems with the customs authorities, the violation of customs rules, evasion of customs duties, appeal against the decision of customs authorities, solving of customs disputes, settlement of customs disputes, assistance in customs clearance of goods.

Law Company Colares maintains defense of interests and rights of its Clients on any stage of disputes with custom.

In case of any difficulties with country origin of goods delineation, their classification, calculation of the custom cost (custom rate), or in case of customs offense specialists of our company will help you to claim enforceability of any custom acts and will represent interests of your company in court.

Custom disputes are one of the most complicate categories of disputes. Regular operations on export/import of goods make disputes with custom and controlling institutions for companies more frequent. The practice of the Law Company Colares shows that stuff of custom institutions makes mistakes during the process of custom control. Such mistakes makes possible to defend in effective way the rights and interests of Clients.

Besides that specialists of our company will operatively help you in evaluation of advantages and risks in arguing of facts of confiscation and forced sale of the cargo, the mulct, penalties of custom controlling institutions.


Law Company Colares in area of the custom disputes propose next services:

  1. Companies consulting according the custom Law, cargo transferring in export/import mode, temporary admission, transit through the custom border of Ukraine and also according to issues of the cargo custom clearance;
  2. Assistance in documents preparation for the cargo transferring through the Ukrainian border.
  3. Assistance in receiving of the statement about absence of currency values;
  4. Adjudication of custom disputes on customs clearance and custom cost;
  5. Creation of letters of inquiry, petitions, replications and other documents with the matter of adjustment of disputes in short terms;
  6. Expert examination of certificates of representatives and legitimateness of acts of departmental officers and public officials of the custom institution;
  7. In administrative order lodging a complaint in superior custom bodies actions or inactivity, decisions of department officers of the custom institution;
  8. Appeal of decisions of custom department officers, their actions or inactivity;
  9. Appeal of decisions, actions of custom departments about Ukrainian custom codes, custom duties and VAT, announcements of refusal in custom clearance of the cargo;
  10. Assistance in custom payments returning/set off and other obligations;
  11. Consulting about currency regulation;
  12. Legal examination of contracts and other documents;
  13. Creation, legal examination of contract of bailment, foreign economic contracts, supply agreements, commercial and other documents;
  14. The most optimal customs regime definition during the export/import of goods; if needed the existent regime could be changed;
  15. Consulting about activities of custom license warehouses and custom shippers.

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