Protection of the suspect, accused and defendant in criminal proceedings


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Criminal lawyer. The protection of the defendant, parole. A lawyer in criminal cases. Appeals against court decisions. A lawyer in criminal proceedings. Exemption from criminal responsibility and punishment.

Criminal lawyer, the protection of the defendant, parole, a lawyer in criminal cases, appeals against court decisions, a lawyer in criminal proceedings, exemption from criminal responsibility and punishmentThe victim of court’s mistake or investigation process can be anyone. No one is secured from difficult situations.

The main duty of criminal lawyers of COLARES Law Company is a comprehensive analysis of the current situation and various solutions to them based on the use of criminal law institutions that exempt from criminal liability. Participation of a lawyer in the criminal proceedings increases your chances of a successful outcome even in the most complicated criminal cases. Options for resolution of the criminal case provided by our lawyers in criminal cases include: the termination of the criminal case: owing to the absence of elements of a criminal case, the change of scene, real repentance, admission by bail, re-characterization of felonies into less grave crimes, sanctioning below the lower limit, provided by the sanction of the article in the criminal code, the use of suspended sentence and other means of exemption from criminal responsibility and punishment.

Services provided by a criminal lawyer include the following:

1.  Protection of the suspect, accused, defendant in the pre-trial proceedings:

1.1.  Participation of a lawyer in criminal cases prior to institution of the criminal case, examination of materials of the case.

1.2.  Participation of a criminal lawyer in the pre-trial investigation (inquiry).

1.3.  Appeal against decision on the choice of preventing measures.

1.4.  Appeal against the decision on institution of criminal proceedings and actions to terminate the criminal case.

2.  Protection of the suspect, accused,  defendant at the stage of the criminal proceedings in the courts of first instance.

3.  Appeals against decisions of courts of first instance, participation of a lawyer in the courts of appeal and cassation, the Supreme Court of Ukraine, the European Court of Human Rights.

4.  Participation of a criminal lawyer at the stage of execution.

5.  Preparation of materials for parole of the person who is serving a sentence.

6.  Preparation of materials for the cancellation of a criminal record.

7.  Services in the realization of the right to rehabilitation.

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