Criminal proceedings


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Advocatory services. Criminal case. Criminal procedure. Attorney’s assistance.

Advocatory services, criminal case, criminal procedure, attorney’s assistanceAttorneys of Colares Law Company specialize in complex and difficult criminal cases.

Our law company provides advocatory services at all stages of the criminal proceedings (attorney’s assistance at the stage of pre-trial settlement, at hearing a case in court, or appeal of court judgments in the court of appeal and cassation):

  1. Protection of the suspect, accused party or defendant.
  2. Protection of the interests of the affected party (civil plaintiff).
  3. Protection of the interests of the witness.
  4. Representation of a private prosecution.

We take such cases which other companies usually do not take.

In our practice we have criminal cases on securities fraud (stocks, bonds, bills), finance transactions and corporate rights, forgery of incorporation and other documents, theft of securities (shares), fraudulent bankruptcy, tax evasion, dummy enterprises, violation of the securities emission procedure ant its circulation, improper delivery of precious metals, the disclosure of commercial secrets, misappropriation of property, abuse of official position and bribery, smuggling, public disorder and other elements of the crime.

Having contacted us, the customer is always confident that we will do everything possible to protect his or her legal interests.

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