Disputes related to intellectual property


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Protection of intellectual property, copyright protection, the protection of copyright and related rights, copyright protection.

COLARES Law Company has gained practical experience in the field of protection of intellectual property rights, which include: copyright, inventions, domain names, names of places, origin of goods, data protection, trade secrets, business (trade) names, utility models, licensing and franchising rights, plant breeders’ rights, industrial designs, neighboring rights, trade marks, as well as protection of client’s rights from different types of unfair competition.

Our judicial practice in this area includes, in particular, the disputes on protection of copyright and neighboring rights, the protection of intellectual property rights and disputes on various types of unfair competition.

Specialists of COLARES Law Company, having considerable experience in the field of protection of intellectual property, protection of copyright and neighboring rights, may offer the following services:

  • Protection of intellectual property in or out of court;
  • Protection of copyright and neighboring rights, including the Internet and the film industry;
  • Cessation of unauthorized use and distribution of copyright works, including the Internet;
  • Copyright protection of trademarks, industrial designs and inventions, literary works and pieces of arts, etc.;
  • Copyright protection in disputes arising from the conclusion or execution of copyright and licensing agreements;
  • Protection of Performers’ rights: repertoire, performed works and stage name;
  • Protection of the client in the Internet space: protecting of site’s content, domain names and their protection;
  • Copyright protection of inventions, industrial designs, utility models, plant breeders’ rights;
  • Protection of confidential information and trade secrets;
  • Protection against unfair competition;
  • Cessation of the unauthorized use and distribution of copyright works, including on the Internet.

Legal services include:

  1. Familiarization and analysis of the case;
  2. Finding ways to reconcile the parties or resolving the dispute by the settlement agreement;
  3. Development of tactics of the conduct of a case;
  4. Consulting support to clients regarding behavior pattern and order of the dispute settlement;
  5. Support or self-representation of clients in court;
  6. Appeal against court decisions in the courts of appeal and cassation;
  7. Representation of the court decision in the executive services for execution, as well as further legal support of the enforcement proceedings.

Among the customers that our company helped in the protection of copyright, there are entertainment establishments, video market operators and developers of information technology.

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