Administrative dispute


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Administrative disputes, administrative proceedings, representation in administrative proceedings.

COLARES Law Company offers services of solving administrative disputes and representing the interests in administrative courts, including courts of appeal and cassation.

According to Article 2 of the Code of Administrative Proceedings of Ukraine, the aim of administrative proceedings is to protect the rights, freedoms and interests of individuals and the rights and interests of legal persons in public law relationships from the violations by state authorities, local authorities, their officials, other subjects when exercising their management functions on the basis of law.

Thus, within the framework of administrative proceedings an individual may appeal against any decision, action or inaction of the subjects of authority, unless there is established another order of court proceedings due to the Ukrainian Constitution or laws of Ukraine.

COLARES Law Company provides qualified legal assistance in cases on violations by state authorities, local authorities and their officials and officers.

Experts of our company will provide services to protect your rights and represent  your interests in court in all types of administrative disputes, in particular:

  • Appeals against the imposition of administrative penalties (authorities of the Pension Fund, tax authorities,  traffic police);
  • Appeals against decisions on the application of financial sanctions (authorities of the Pension Fund, tax authorities);
  • Invalidation of tax notification decisions (tax authorities);
  • Appeals against decisions relating to acceptance or dismissal from public service;
  • Appeals against decisions on the state registration of legal entities;
  • Appeal against actions or inaction on recalculation of pensions, including such categories as Chernobyl pensions and children of war pensions, and social benefits (authorities of the Pension Fund, social security departments);
  • Cancellations of any other decisions of state bodies and local authorities;
  • Compensation for damage caused by illegal actions, inaction or decisions of public authorities or their officials.

We have successful experience at protecting the interests of our clients in  administrative disputes arising between citizens and legal entities with public authorities, in particular, the Pension Funf, social securities, tax authorities, traffic police, treasury, customs (customs disputes), as well as the local authorities.

The range of legal services in administrative proceedings includes:

  • Legal assessment of documents;
  • Analysis of situations based on the investigated documents;
  • Provision of written and oral consultations on dispute solving;
  • Analysis of the cases and preparation of legal conclusions;
  • Preparation of administrative claims, appeals;
  • Consulting support to clients on the order of dispute solving;
  • Representation of clients in administrative proceedings;
  • Appeal against court decisions in courts of appeal and cassation instance.

Having contacted us, you can be sure that we will do our best of to protect your rights and legal interests.

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