Intellectual property


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Intellectual property, copyright law, registration of intellectual property, registration of copyright, protection of inventions, information security. Protection of trade secrets, protection of commercial names, protection of utility model, protection against unfair competition.

Today the term of intellectual property becomes more and more significant. Each day in the world appears literary and art objects, new technologies and others. As owners of rights of the intellectual property could become not only private persons but also legal units because almost all companies are creating its logo, site, company style and producers have rights of the intellectual property for their products and creations.

The first step on the way of protection of you right on the intellectual property is their registration.

The term of the intellectual property means the creature of human intelligence. To this term could be related: literary and art works, innovations, images and titles which could be used for the commercial aims, symbols.

From the Law point of view the intellectual property is protected with copyright, the mark for goods and services, letters patents. The officially registered rights for the intellectual property help to its owner to certificate his rights for the object of the intellectual property receive the financial profit and reach the appreciation.


The list of services from which are provided by specialists of the Law Company Colares includes:

  1. Services on registration in Ukraine and abroad of:
  2. Rights of the intellectual property protection non-curial or in court.
  3. Creation of legal authorities and contracts.
  4. Advices according issues connected with the rights of the intellectual property protection.

Specialists of the Law Company Colares will represent Clients interests in pre-trial adjustment of disputes in sphere of the intellectual property rights invasion and in courts of all instances. Also our specialists provide services on Internet anti-piracy campaign.

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