Contract work


On this page you can acquaint yourself with such services as:

Contract analysis, drawing up the contract, drawing up the agreement, analysis of the documents, dissolution of the contact, conclusion.

Contract analysis, drawing up the contract, drawing up the agreement, analysis of the documents, dissolution of the contact, conclusion.Every enterprise usually confronts the necessity to regulate relationships with partners documentary, beginning with the provision of the necessary work equipment, concluding with the realization of its main activities – these issues entail the conclusion of the relevant agreement or contract.

Preparation of the contract is quite time consuming and tedious process.

Before drawing up the agreement, it is necessary to valuate legal relations, analyze the possible consequences of making such a contract, as well as to eliminate all risks.

Contract work is the activity on the analysis of the documents, the development of new contracts or the study of the existing ones under the standards and requirements of the current legislation:

  • Purchase and sale agreement;
  • Agency, dealer, distributor agreements, commission agreements;
  • Property trust management contracts;
  • Lease of buildings, land, vehicles, including state-owned;
  • Supply contract;
  • Building agreements, contracts for capital construction;
  • Contracts of carriage;
  • Lease agreements;
  • Contracts of freight forwarding;
  • Credit agreements, loan agreements, security and pledge agreement, contract of guarantee, indemnity contract;
  • License and copyright agreements;
  • Franchise agreement;
  • Agreements on settlement of debts;
  • Foreign trade contracts;
  • Joint cooperation agreement.

The specialists of COLARES Law Company will provide you with assistance in the analysis of contracts and documents in order to avoid dissolution of the contract, will help you to clarify the legal aspects of a contract, offer options and ways to implement them. We will do everything possible to minimize the negative consequences as a result of drawing up of contracts.

Contract work services include the following:

  • Analysis of contracts, negotiation and drawing up preliminary agreements (letters of intent, memoranda, etc.).
  • The analysis of provided projects of contract documents (contracts, agreements, additional agreements, etc.) in compliance with the law, reflection of real relationships between the company and contractors, the availability of unsettled issues, double interpretation;
  • Development of contract documents (contracts, additional agreements, etc.), protocol differences, etc.
  • Development of additional agreements and addenda to contracts.
  • Analysis and modification of existing contracts, adjustments to contacts of counterparties.

Contract work stages:

  1. Determination of the volume and period of execution of work.
  2. Situation analysis, revision of documents, execution of work.
  3. Preparation of documents and delivery to the client for approval.

Also, the experts of COLARES Law Company provide services in the area of transactions on a turnkey basis (including real estate, alienation of corporate rights, sale and purchase of goods, etc.).

We will identify all the negative legal consequences and eliminate them.

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