ISO quality certificates


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ISO Quality Certificate, ISO certification, ISO certificate.

ISO quality certificates are the documents, which are issued to confirm that the product, service or system meet the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization. These documents are not obligatory.

The specialists of COLARES Law Company will provide you with expert assistance in obtaining management system ISO certificates.

There are the following management system standards:

1. ISO certificate 9000 series – quality management:

  • ISO 9001:2008 – Setting of requirements for a quality management system;
  • ISO 9004:2009 – Management of the quality management system;
  • ISO 90011:2011 – Guidelines on internal and external audits of quality management systems.

2. ISO certificate 14000 series – Environmental Management:

  • ISO 14 000:2004 – Requirements and guidelines on use of environmental management system;
  • ISO 14 001:2004 – General guidelines on the principles and methods for providing environmental management systems.

3. Certificate ISO 50001 – Requirements and guidelines on use of the management system of energy consumption.

4. Other certificates.

ISO certification is not required for business entities in Ukraine, and is mainly used to improve the competitiveness of the goods or services at the market, and at the request of the counterparties if one makes a contract with them.

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