Media & Entertainment

Even in the industry which is primarily associated with creativity and innovation have always been its unchanging components. They are: business model, the process of value creation, separation of the functions of service content and its audience. In modern dynamic world there are no more such elements.

With the move to digital format, companies in media sector and entertainment industries are undergoing fundamental changes in all areas of its activities. To remain profitable and competitive in the marketplace, you must use new technologies to develop new models for profit, to comply with new regulatory requirements, as well as to meet new customer demands.

We are well acquainted with the reasons for these changes and how they may affect your business. No matter what you face, whether it is the task of the introduction of IT controls, digital technologies, new business models or preservation of assets – it is likely that we have already encountered with this problem in our work and have an experience of dealing with it.

We are ready to provide you with comprehensive professional services in audit, tax, transaction and advisory services on business issues tailored to the needs of your company in its dynamic development phase.

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