Field of industrial production is crucial to Ukrainian economy and generates a significant part of gross domestic product.

The modern economy sets in front of Ukrainian industrial enterprises a great number of serious issues: increased competition, raising of level of expences on product promotion,  changes in the expectations and requirements of customers, as well as energy efficiency and the reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

In addition, business integration, open borders, globalization and the growth of technologies erased traditional division of roles between producer, distributor and consumer. These changes affect on competition intensification, the global movement and decrease in the imbalance of enterprises engaged in business in the manufacture and sale of industrial goods.

Our experts help clients in this area productively address these issues.

COLARES contributes to the achievement of success, providing choice of correct strategy, the construction of business – processes, implementation of information technologies financial modeling, providing auditing services, management consulting, support of companies that implement energy efficiency projects, including under the Kyoto Protocol, taxation and business valuation, and legal services. Our experts help companies to reduce costs, increase business value and improve customer service.

The effectiveness of services provided by our company based on specialization in concrete sectors of the economy, which is the main condition that allows to meet objectives of modern market activity, increasingly complex and which require special knowledge and skills.

We focus not only on providing high quality services to our clients, but also on a constant analysis of the situation in the industry and increasing qualification of our staff.

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