Ukraine is known to key players of the world automotive industry, due to its own huge production capacity, which brings together both cars national and global brands. Our country is also a huge commodity market of the automotive products.

We are well aware of the business sector, from production cars and their components, their wholesale and retail sales, and ending with after-sale (warranty and post warranty) service, which allows us to fully understand the problems and needs of the industry.

Our services in this sector include:

  • certification and standardization of equipment and vehicles;
  • restructuring of dealer networks;
  • the purchase, sale and rental of industrial, commercial and logistics facilities;
  • the development and analysis of distribution agreements;
  • advice on antimonopoly legislation, in particular in the field of distribution of vehicles and components;
  • advice on consumer rights, and intellectual and industrial property;
  • struggle with gray import;
  • advice on creating joint ventures;
  • leasing of the motor vehicles;
  • customs regulation;
  • appeal against decisions of public authorities in administrative and court procedures, etc.

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