Legal support of import / export transactions


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Legal support of import / export transactions.

Foreign trade in Ukraine is regulated by several law branches, therefore there is a necessity for legal support of import/export transactions.

Import and export transactions deal with commercial activities related to the importation or exportation of goods, cargoes across the border of Ukraine.

Each transaction, regardless imports or exports, requires the development of specific schemes of import / export of goods or cargo.

COLARES Law Company will develop individual schemes for import/export transactions, having practical experience in this field.

Basic services in the area of legal support of import/export transactions:

  1. Obtaining special licenses and quotas on import and export transactions;
  2. Lifting of special sanctions imposed by the Ministry of Economy in foreign trade, such as:
  • fines in cases of non-fulfillment of the duties by business entities in the foreign trade;
  • individual licensing mode to business entities;
  • temporary suspension of foreign trade in Ukraine;

3. Optimization of taxation;

4. Other services.

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