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Emission issue of securities, the issuance of bonds, option certificates, investment certificates of a unit investment trust, mortgage certificates and certificates of real estate funds, state committee on securities and stock market.

Colares Law Company is a team of specialists both in corporate law and in the open market law. We are fully supporting activities both private joint stock ventures and public joint stock ventures.

Emission (issue) of securities is one of the most specific features of such companies. Such activity needs strong legal support of the process of preparation to the emission (issue) of securities.

Appropriate legal support of the process of the documents preparation and sending to the National Securities and Stock Market Commission will help to avoid the refusal of the state institution in emission.

During its action joint stock ventures (both private and public) are facing with the necessity of the additional emission (issue) of securities.

Emission (issue) of securities is necessary in the case when the general meeting of stockholders decides to increase or decrease the statutory capital and also in carrying-out of requirements to the capital or to the economic indices.

Emission (issue) of securities is the whole complex of securities that have the related type and the same principal amount. Such securities must have the same form of issuance and International Stock Identification Number. Securities provide their owners with the same rights independent of time and the placement of the securities on the open market.

The decision about the emission (issue) of securities takes the general meeting of stockholders of the joint stock venture. After that and, accordingly, entering upon the record of the general meeting of stockholders, besides the state registration of the mutatis mutandis into the charter, the joint stock company should also register the stock issue.

Emission (issue) of securities registration could be realized in next cases: amount of stock increasing, amount stock decreasing, consolidation of shares, split-up of shares, denomination and in the case of conversion into the joint stock company.


Into the sphere of services of the Law Company Colares included:

  1. Consultations about issues of the corporate law and open market law.
  2. Legal support of holding the general shareholders meeting for deciding about a closed (private)or open (public) placement of securities by the issuer;
  3. Preparation and legal support of the issue of securities and issue prospectus;
  4. Receiving the confirmation from the shareholder that he isn’t going to use the stockholders’ preemptive right for the share acquisition (if such stated by the conditions of the private share placement);
  5. Preparation and sending of the replication and the submission for the issue of securities (including issue prospectus);
  6. Representation, registration support of the additional issue of securities (including the issue prospectus);
  7. Supporting of the decision about involvement of the underwriter to the process of open (public) issue of securities;
  8. The assignment of an international identification number to securities;
  9. Supporting signing of the contract with the depositary about the operation of the issue of securities;
  10. Support of the approval and constitutional amendments connected to the increasing or decreasing of the nominal capital of the joint stock venture taking into account the results of the issue of securities;
  11. Supporting of the registration of changes in the statutory documents in the state institutions;
  12. Preparation of the set of documents for the registration of the report of the closed (private)/open (public) issue of securities;
  13. Representation and supporting the registration of the report about the results of the closed (private)/open (public) issue of securities in the National Securities and Stock Market Commission with receiving of the registered report and certificate of the registration of the issue (emission) of securities.

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