Registration of additional emission (issue) of shares


On this page you can acquaint yourself with such services as:

Registration of additional emission issue of securities shares, increase of authorized capital in the joint-stock company, preparation of documents on an open public, close privateplacement of shares.

COLARES Law Company provides legal support additional issue (emission) of securities and registration of its prospectus in the case of capital increase of public and private joint stock companies.

Our experts will provide legal assistance in additional issue (emission) of securities in the open (public) or closed (private) placement:

  • Legal advice in the field of securities;
  • Preparation of documents (decisions, minutes and other documents) on an open (public) or closed (private) placement of shares by the issuer, which is authorized to make such decisions;
  • Preparation and assistance during the closed (private) placement in obtaining of the written confirmation of shareholder’s refusal (in the case of such refusal) from using its pre-emptive right to buy the shares (if it is established in the terms of a closed (private) placement of shares);
  • Preparation and submission of an application and set of all necessary documents (including an analysis of the financial condition of the company, the preparation of financial statements, the auditor’s report on the financial solvency of the founders) for the registration of the securities issue (including the prospectus of the issue);
  • Representation of interests, and support of the registration of the additional issue (issue)of shares at the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market with the temporary certificate of shares registration;
  • Support of the decision on the underwriter involvement in the process of open (public) placement of shares;
  • The assignment of an international identification number to shares;
  • Execution of agreement with the depositary of the shares issue services;
  • Legal support of close (private) placement of securities;
  • Legal assistance in approval of the close (private) shares placement results;
  • Support in approval and alteration of the charter related to the increase in the charter capital of the company, taking into account the results of shares placement;
  • Support of the registration of changes to the charter at the authorities of state registration;
  • Preparation of documents necessary for the registration of the report on the results of closed (private) / open (public) placement of shares;
  • Representation and assistance in the registration of the report on the results of closed (private) / open (public) placement of shares in the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market, obtaining of the registered report and certificate of registration of the issue (emission) of shares.

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