On this page you can acquaint yourself with such services as:

Capital restructuring, debt capital restructuring, cash flow valuation, company cash flow evaluation, cash flow analysis and evaluation.

Capital restructuring (changes of debt and equity) will ensure you a favorable ratio of earning yield, the financial risks and the tax shield of your enterprise.

Thereby, it increases the profitability and reduces the financial risks of your business.

COLARES Law Company will help you to manage your business capital better through:

We offer the following services for the capital restructuring:

Corporate restructuring: we help companies and investors to improve profitability in the period of transformation, deterioration of operating data and growth deceleration. We will support the management of the financial restructuring process, as well as the distribution of capital and investments, and assess your business plan objectively, including cash flow analysis and valuation.

Based on our experience in process of restructuring, we develop a strategy for the settlement of claims, if one does not fulfill obligations of the suppliers and creditors, as well as we help to meet all regulatory requirements, in particular during bankruptcy process.

Working Capital Management: we help to optimize cash flow and working capital structure, improve the general liquidity situation and to develop effective debt capital management strategies.

Capital markets: we offer consultations on raising funds from financial investors, searching for additional sources of capital, and personal tax planning.

We will help you develop an optimal and flexible structure of debt and your own capital and funding strategy.

We will analyze the possible capital restructuring options, offer alternative solutions and provide recommendations. Also we will help increase profitability and reduce the financial risks of your business.

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