Obtaining an identification code for an individual foreigner


On this page you can acquaint yourself with such services as:

Code for foreigner, to receive an identification code, number of tax payer, individual tax number.

The COLARES Law Company provides assistance for foreigners in obtaining the registration number of a taxpayer registration form (identification number / code) within the shortest period of time and without obligatory presence in the State Tax Service.

Services for obtaining the registration number of a taxpayer include the following steps:

  • Preparation of necessary documents;
  • Submission of documents to the State Tax Inspection;
  • Receiving the taxpayer card (the so-called certificate of identification number / code).

Documents required for providing these services:

  • copy of foreigner’s passport  with notarized translation into Ukrainian (this service may be provided by the experts of Translation Service who collaborate with our company);
  • notarized power of attorney to our representative (power of attorney can be performed both in Ukraine and country of residence).

Completion period of service: from 3 working days.

In Ukraine, in accordance with current legislation, foreign citizens (nonresidents) must obtain a card of an individual – taxpayer (so-called certificate of identification number or code) in case, if they:

  • employ in Ukraine;
  • have objects of taxation and must pay taxes and other obligatory payments;
  • are registered as business entities in Ukraine;
  • are the founders of legal entities in Ukraine.

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