Mergers and Acquisitions


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Mergers and acquisitions, purchase of the company, m&a transactions with shares, merger of corporations, merger of limited liability companies, acquisition, m&a transactions.

M&A transactions (purchase and sale/mergers and acquisitions of business) are among the most complex, long and laborious business operations. In the process of realization of the purchase and sale transactions/mergers and acquisitions of business it should be considered the economic, legal, accounting, tax, social and psychological aspects. Only one small failure can seriously disrupt or even destroy the business not only the acquiring company but as well as and acquired company. The only solution in this situation is to buy or sell a business with the help of professionals.

COLARES offers a full range of services in the sphere of mergers and acquisitions transaction and purchase and sale support, including Due Dilligence (legal, tax, financial, HR), tax planning, foreign exchange, permit on the concentration, negotiations, drafting contracts and other necessary documents.

The main services in this sphere are:

COLARES was a consultant on the m&a transactions as the purchaser and as a seller as well.

The objectives of M&A transactions for buyers might be:

  • Income increasing of business;
  • Business efficiency increasing via achieving a synergy effect (costs and taxes optimization, improved logistics, combining raw material sources, the expansion of production, etc.);
  • Capitalization increasing of the bought business and the possible sale of it in the future;
  • Purchase of a “competitor” in order to obtain a full or partial control over it and its liquidation.

The objective of M&A-transactions for sellers is selling of the object at the maximum price, and conducting transactions with minimal risk, within the shortest time and with minimal costs.

Specialists of COLARES shall develop a strategy for buying or selling business, choose the right partners, and will monitor the whole course of a transaction.

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