Express liquidation


On this page you can acquaint yourself with such services as:

Voluntary liquidation, liquidation of “problem” companies, express-liquidation, alternative to bankruptcy, liquidation of enterprise without checks.

Express-liquidationprovides an alienation of corporate rights to company, dismissal of officers (directors, chief accountant), transfer of accounting records for acceptance – of transmission.

Thus, you can quickly and reliably depriving yourself of unnecessary trouble and pass it into hands of professionals who continue liquidation of your enterprise by their own.

Just in 3 days You will become just a “former owner” and “former director of” not having any financial or other obligation to your business.

During express-liquidation lawyers of COLARES examine situation of your company, conduct full analysis, advice  you all legal consequences of LLC (PC) liquidation in this way.

This method of liquidation has following advantages:

  • Under legal effects this way of liquidation is similar to bankruptcy;
  • Amount of this liquidation method – is 2-3 times cheaper than bankruptcy;
  • Procedure of documents preparation  for  legal entity termination is easier  than bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Risk of acceptance fictitious bankruptcy – is dropped!
  • Low term of LLC (PC) liquidation – 3 – 7 working days;
  • Liquidation of LLC (PC) without tax audits and inspections of all funds.

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