Bankruptcy and liquidation


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Bankruptcy, procedure of bankruptcy, liquidation,llc, pc, pjsc, ojsc, ie, termination, invalidation of state registration, liquidation of problem legal entities, express-liquidation.

Liquidation of enterprise or organization is a permanent termination of the business entity with no right of succession, which makes it impossible to exist in future.

COLARES Law Company specializes in liquidation of enterprises (LLC, PC, private JSC, public JSC, IE, etc.) by owner’s decision (voluntary liquidation) and liquidation of “problem» legal entities that have debts for state budget and creditors via bankruptcy or express-liquidation procedures.

We offer following services for implementation of liquidation procedures:

  1. Liquidation of legal entity by owner’s decision (voluntary liquidation)
  2. Bankruptcy
  3. Express-liquidation

It should be noted that, in accordance with applicable legislation termination of the business entity is performed in the following manner:

1. Voluntary liquidation:

2. Liquidation by court decision (by force):

  • During bankruptcy process.
  • In case of invalidation of the legal entity state registration (invalidation of constituent documents of the legal entity, etc.).

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