Public procurement


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Competitive bidding, tender documents, tender guarantee, preparation of tender.

Nowadays the provision of quality services in the field of public procurement (tender/bidding) is of great current interest. Shortcomings in public procurement procedures may lead to adverse consequences, both for the participants and organizers of a competitive bidding. Our experts pay attention to every detail of the organization and conduct of public procurement in order to prepare the necessary documentation and ensure that the tender obligations are performed to our customers.

The specialists of COLARES Law Company provide consulting services of the legal support of tenders (biddings) at each stage of the participation in bidding starting from the monitoring of announcements of public bids and preparation of tender documents, ending with signing of the agreement (contract).

Legal support to the participants of bidding includes:

  • Monitoring of announcements of public procurement (tenders, bids) published in the state official publication (“Bulletin of Public Procurement”), due to the client’s field of activity;
  • Making requests for tender documentation and legal analysis of tender documents;
  • Obtaining the necessary certificates to make the tender offer, including the certificate that the party is not declared a bankrupt or the action of solvency has been not brought against him/her(certificate confirming that the party is not declared a bankrupt);
  • Execution and receiving a tender (bank) guarantee for participation in bidding;
  • Registration of the participants of bidding, the preparation of the tender offer (bid);
  • Participation in the process of disclosure of tender offers (bids) and representation of the client;
  • Assistance in the application of complaints against the owners as well as representation of clients in the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine;
  • Consulting services of the conclusion of the procurement contract;
  • Consultations on organizational and legal issues that arise in the course of the tender procedure (bids).

Legal support to the organizers of bidding:

  • Drafting of the bidding (tender) documents;
  • Legal analysis of documentation for compliance with the current legislation of Ukraine in the field of public procurement;
  • Assistance in the placement of information and documents to be published in accordance with applicable law;
  • Consulting on the preparation and the form in which the bidding is conducted;
  • Drafting of bidding documents and requirements (eligibility criteria) to the participants of the procurement procedures;
  • Making insurance guarantees (liability insurance of the bidder and the winner of the tender);
  • Execution of a suretyship contract for the participation in the procurement procedure;
  • Organization of bidding and evaluation of bids;
  • Preparation of the necessary minutes of meetings of competitive bidding committees, and the responses or requests to the bidders;
  • Verification of reports on the bids, and the announcement of the results of the bidding, autopsy and evaluation of bids, registers and other documents;
  • Preparation, legal support and monitoring of the procurement contract;
  • Control of all bidding stages for compliance with the law;
  • Consultations on organizational and legal issues that arise in the course of the tender procedure.

In addition, our company has the experience and practice of complex support of competitive bidding, including all stages of the procurement procedures.

Given the fact that customers often neglect the current legislation of Ukraine in the field of public procurement, violating the legal rights of the participants, one of the main elements of the practice of our company is the provision of services in bringing an action against the procurement procedures, the representation of clients in the competent state authorities and courts of all instances.

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