Executory process


On this page you can acquaint yourself with such services as:

Attachment of property, recovery of money, enforcement service, executive proceedings, enforcement of court decision.

Enforcement proceedings are a set of activities that involve enforcement of court decision by force.

In accordance with Ukrainian law the following documents are subject to enforcement by the state enforcement service: enforcement orders, business court judicial writs; court decisions on the business, civil, administrative, criminal cases and cases on administrative offenses; court orders; writs of execution of labor disputes; notary writs; state executor decisions of state executor to recover executive fees, costs related to the organization and conduct of executive actions and imposition of fine; the European Court of Human Rights decisions; decisions of other public authorities.

One should apply to the enforcement service after receiving the court decision for further implementation and fulfillment of all the requirements enacted by the court.

Specialists of COLARES Law Company are ready to assist you in solving of these issues:

  • Consultation on the current legislation on enforcement / writ proceedings;
  • Assistance in the preparation of documents necessary for the recovery of funds, including funds in the foreign currency as well as the debtor’s property (pledged property, the property of third parties);
  • Attachment and seizure of the property of the debtor;
  • Maintenance of property under attachment storage (custody);
  • Maintenance of property valuation;
  • Selling the debtor’s property under recovery (set for an auction);
  • Release of the property from the attachment;
  • Initiation of the executive / writ proceedings;
  • Preparation of requests at place of residence; at place of employment; on availability of accounts and funds on these places; on the availability of corporate and intellectual property rights; on the existence of real and personal property of the debtor;
  • Submission of documents to search for the debtor;
  • Preparation of documents to protect the client’s interests in the executive / writ proceedings;
  • Appeal against the decision of the enforcement service;
  • Assistance in the vindication of enforcement proceedings;
  • Consultation on the disqualification in the executive/ writ proceedings;
  • Support to the enforcement proceedings in the department of decision execution by force;
  • Termination of the executive / clerk production.

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