Audit and accounting services

The activity of any company is expressed first of all in numbers. It shows business growing or falling, market position, perspectives and possibilities. That is why accounting plays very important role in business of each company.

Accounting could be provided by director of the company by himself, chief accountant or by another company under the outsourcing conditions. The advantage of such cooperation is that the company which is giving services of the accounting under the outsource conditions takes the responsibility for the correct form and sending tax reports due to the timeframe; you don’t feel the human factor; you don’t need to pay salary and pay the unified social tax for the salary of accountant and other expenses.


Specialists of the Law Company Colares are providing the whole range of services on accounting of companies under the outsourcing conditions. If you decide to entrust to us the accounting of your company you could be sure that the accounting will be done in appropriate way and tax reports will be correctly prepared and sent to the tax bodies due to the timeframes.

Analyzing of the company activity (audit) and the most optimal forms of taxation are very significant aspect for each company. Many companies don’t have specialists who could qualify plan and due to the law optimize tax payments. But using legal methods of optimization company could save about 20% of the budget that could become one of the main factors in conditions of competition.

Law Company Colares taking into account your business characteristics will help you to structure your accounting, propose you the most optimal scheme of tax planning according to the Ukrainian law. Also we’ll help your company to prepare and pass the tax audit and other revisions. Our specialists will make the audit of your company activity for the previous period and help you to find out and rectify accounting defects.

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