About us

The COLARES Law Company is a team of professionals and experts, which includes competent lawyers, financiers, tax consultants, analysts and auditors.

Our company provides complex of legal and accounting services for enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership.

We represent our clients in all judicial and executive authorities.

COLARES also offers a full range of services in the areas of administrative, municipal, tax, customs, civil and commercial/business law.

Specialists of a legal department have considerable experience in dealing with law enforcement, judicial, tax, customs and other government authorities.

We provide consultations on all legal, financial and tax aspects of conducting business, as well as on the stock market and the securities, we execute service documents, contracts, agreements, support transactions, represent interests of our clients in the financial, investment and banking institutions.

The dedicated team of employees is working in our law company, who are ready to solve the business problems of any complexity.

Practical experience of the employees of the Audit and Accounting departments helps you to conduct the transformation of financial statements, bring it in line with the standards of the International Finance and accounting, examine tax records of your company, reconstruct the records, analyze the consequences of complex business transactions, as well as bring an appeal against the decisions of tax authorities.

Our audits will allow you to examine the validity of the information on the financial and economic activity, make conclusions about the real financial condition of your company.

We also offer a full range of services which helps to increase the confidence in the financial information provided by you, and help shareholders to evaluate the real value of your business.

Employees of the COLARES Law Company build relationships with each client on an individual basis, with maximum attention to everyone.

Our law company has a reputation of a reliable partner among our clients.

Having contacted us, the client is always sure that our specialists will analyze and solve all his business needs comprehensively, considering all the legal aspects, tax and financial consequences.

Our principles: Responsibility. Transparency. Integrity.

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